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The University of Missouri (MU) has announced its 2022 call for the Preparing Future Faculty - Faculty Diversity (PFFFD) Postdoctoral Program. The PFFFD program is designed to promote and develop scholars for tenure-track faculty positions at the University of Missouri or elsewhere. See this website for more information. PFFFD postdoctoral positions are typically for two (or three) years and provide research, teaching, and professional development opportunities. Applicants should demonstrate how they can contribute to faculty diversity, such as through membership in a group that is historically underrepresented in a particular discipline, or through other training or experience.

In Plant Biology, MU has the internationally renowned Interdisciplinary Plant Group (IPG) with members from seven departments/divisions and four colleges. Two divisions are participating in the call this year but PFFFD scholars may choose co-mentors, within or outside these departments, and develop projects that synergize the work and expertise of multiple PIs.

1) The Division of Biological Sciences is searching for a scholar in the area of cell biology (for example, vesicle trafficking, cell signaling, cytogenetics etc) in plant, animal, and/or microbial systems.

2) The Division of Plant Science and Technology is inviting applications for two emerging areas: Precision Plants (genetic engineering of plant metabolic or signaling networks with an impact on, for example, drug development, human nutrition, gut microbiome, biofuels, climate-resilient crops or precision medicine); Data Science in Agriculture (data driven decision tools for agricultural production systems and precision agriculture).

The deadline to apply is September 27th, 2021, but you are encouraged to reach out to the relevant divisions for assistance in identifying co-mentors beforehand.

Dr. David Schulz, Director, Division of Biological Sciences (
Dr. Heike Buecking, Director, Division of Plant Science and Technology (