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On Maize and Mutants

Karen Cone

IPG member Karen Cone is featured in the most recent issue of SyndicateMizzou.

Gene expression can change if a gene is "packaged" more tightly into chromatin in the nucleus. Dr. Cone's lab studies how gene expression is regulated at the chromatin level and how that expression is controlled in maize. Some genes targeted by chromatin-level regulation are influential in plant development, so agronomically important traits could be better expressed once chromatin-level regulation is understood. Dr. Cone talks about her research in an article titled "Of Maize and Mutants".

SyndicateMizzou is a web-based resource on research and creative activity at MU. Each online issue includes a short article and video excerpts of interviews with researchers across campus. In the past, the publication has primarily focused on the work of faculty members. In this special issue, a wide range of graduate students conducting breakthrough research in the life sciences is highlighted.

To read and watch Dr. Cone's interview, visit SyndicateMizzou.