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Seminars - 2008

1/28/2008 "Pseudomonas syringae virulence effectors as molecular probes of basic plant cellular Sheng-Yang He, Michigan State Un.
2/35/2008 "Signal integration during seedling Jennifer Nemhauser, Un. Of Washington
2/42/2008 "Signal integration during seedling Brent Mishler, UC-Berkeley
2/49/2008 "Transcriptional and signaling networks in Dominque Bergmann, Stanford Un.
2/56/2008 "Origin, evolution and conservation of a Eve Emshwiller, Un. Of Wisconsin
3/63/2008 "Sugar regulatory network in plants – Jyan-Chyun Jang, Ohio State Un.
3/70/2008 Turning over a new leaf: genetic regulation of vegetative phase change in Arabidopsis and maize Scott Poethig, Un. Of Pennsylvania
3/77/2008 Dissection of Arabidopsis embryo and seed development John Harada, UC-Davis
3/91/2008 "Developmental programming in nuclear Odd-Arne Olsen, Norwegian University for Biosciences
4/97/2008 Up and Down in Leaf Development - the regulatory network controlling ad/abaxial polarity in the leaf. (Mary) Kathy Barton, Stanford
4/98/2008 Stories from the world of expansins Daniel Cosgrove, Penn. State Un.
4/112/2008 "Creation and utilization of an EST database to investigate fatty acid and anacardic acid David Schultz, Un. Of Louisville
4/119/2008 "Genome-wide protein changes caused by Steve Briggs, UC-San Diego
5/126/2008 Genetic dissection of maize development Sarah Hake, UC-Berkeley
8/238/2008 Genetic modification of peanut for disease resistance and seed trait Peggy Ozias-Akins, University of Georgia
9/252/2008 Seminar Sunran Kim, University of Missouri-Columbia
9/259/2008 Hidden features of the Arabidopsis transcriptome revealed by high resolution mapping of the substrates of the exosome complex Dmitry Belostotsky, University of Missouri-KC
9/266/2008 Signaling and development in the shoot apical meristem David Jackson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
9/273/2008 Seminar Brenda Peculis, University of Missouri-Columbia
10/280/2008 Genetic architecture of complex agronomic traits in maize Mike McMullen, University of Missouri-Columbia
10/287/2008 Physcomitrella patens: The system and genome to address plant functions Ralph Quatrano, Washington University St. Louis
10/301/2008 Uptake and transport of sulphur and selenium Derek Lydiate, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Saskatoon Research Centre
11/308/2008 Protein interactions in symbiotic signaling pathways Jean-Michel Ane, University of Wisconsin
11/315/2008 May the force be with you: How mechanosensitive channels control plastid shape and size Elizabeth Haswell, Washington University St. Louis
11/322/2008 Endogenous variation for root traits in maize related stress tolerance and standability Shawn Kaeppler, University of Wisconsin
12/336/2008 Combinatorial control of plant gene expression Erich Grotewold, Ohio State University
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