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Seminars - 2009

1/26/2009 Unraveling ecological complexity with molecular systems biology David J Weston, Oak Ridge National Lab
2/33/2009 Seminar Mizzou ADVANCE
2/40/2009 Golgi stack integrity in plant cells Andreas Nebenfuhr, University of Tennessee
2/47/2009 Maize: Genetic model for the improvement of energy grasses Nick Carpita, Purdue University
2/54/2009 Inside the Peroxisome Bethany Zolman, University of Missouri-St. Louis
3/61/2009 The Biochemical Wizardry of Terpene Metabolism in Plants Joe Chappell, University of Kentucky
3/68/2009 Expression and alternative splicing of genes duplicated by polyploidy Keith Adams, University of British Columbia
3/75/2009 Homeolog-specific expression in soybean through illumina RNA sequencing Gregory May, National Center for Genome Resources
3/89/2009 Molecular Genetics of Root Thigmomorphogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana Patrick H. Masson, University of Wisconsin
4/110/2009 Bifortification of Cassava for Africa; the BioCassava Plus Program Richard T. Sayre, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
5/124/2009 Laser Microdissection at the Site of Powdery Mildew Infection Reveals Novel Regulators of the Interaction Mary Wildermuth, University of California-Berkeley
9/252/2009 Meeting Global Demands for Food, Feed Robert Fraley, Monsanto
9/257/2009 Host-Pathogen Interactions: Detection, Characterization, & Application to Plant Systems Dmitry Korkin, University of Missouri-Columbia
9/264/2009 "Medicago truncatula Genome Project: Chris Town, J. Craig Venter Institute
9/271/2009 Chancellor's Distinguished Lecture Series: More and Better-Adapted Crops: Fact or Fiction? John Boyer, University of Delaware
10/278/2009 Advanced Cytogenetic Strategies for Genomics & Genetics of Model and Crop Plant Species Hans de Jong, University of Amersterdam
10/285/2009 A Family of Receptor-Like Kinases Are Regulated by Brassinosteroids and Required for Optimal Plant Growth Yanhai Yin, Iowa State University
10/292/2009 Dissecting the Evolution of the Arabidopsis MADS-Box Protein Family (videoconference) Leon Martinez Castilla, UNAM
11/306/2009 The Pollen Self-Incompatibility (SI) Determinant for Papaver and Early SI Signaling Events Vernonica Franklin-Tong, U. Birmingham, UK
11/313/2009 Monsanto’s Sustainable Agriculture Initiative: Development of Improved Maize Products for Drought-Prone Environments Michael Luethy, Monsanto
11/320/2009 A Parallel RNA Universe: The Complex RNA Metabolism in Plant Organelles & the Organelle-Dedicated Protein Families that Do the Job Alice Barkan, University of Oregon
11/334/2009 Role of Sphinganine Analog Mycotoxins in Pathogenesis of Fungal Necrotrophs Javier Plasencia, UNAM
12/341/2009 A Day (and Night) in the Life of a Simple Photosynthetic Organism Himadri Pakrasi, Washington University St. Louis
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