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Seminars - 2011

3/66/2011 Using comparative and functional genomics to dissect soybean nodulation Marc Libault, University of Missouri
3/73/2011 Further evidence that protein folding and turnover is linked to gene expression and hybrid vigor Steve Goff, University of Arizona
3/80/2011 LRR structure-function, Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation and frustrated worms: The nuts and bolts of plant disease resistance Andrew Bent, University of Wisconsin-Madison
4/94/2011 Vesicle-mediated Sugar Uptake in Heterotrophic Plant Cells Ed Etxeberria, University of Florida
4/95/2011 Grapevine germplasm exploitation for improving disease resistance Gabriele Di Gaspero, University of Udine, Italy
4/101/2011 Hormonal cross-talk in plant defense responses Keiko Yoshioka, University of Toronto
4/115/2011 The eco-physiology of hph: insights into a phototropically enhanced mutant Jennifer Holland, University of Missouri
5/123/2011 Identification of modular control of metabolism enhances identification of biosynthetic enzymes in specific plant tissues David R. Gang, Washington State University
6/172/2011 Development of a spatiotemporal understanding of environmental response in Arabidopsis roots Jose Dinneny, Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Plant Biology
9/255/2011 Excellence in genetics research: Is serendipity involved? Ron Phillips, University of Minnesota
9/262/2011 Understanding and engineering alkaloid biosynthesis Sarah O'Conner, John Innes Centre
9/269/2011 Evolution of the Rpp4 Asian soybean rust resistance locus in legumes Michelle A. Graham, Iowa State University
10/276/2011 Auxin: a self-organizing hierarchical signal in the regulation of pattern formation in Arabidopsis Zhangbiao Yang, University of California-Davis
10/283/2011 Broad-scale genome evolution in monocots Kate Hertweck, National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
10/290/2011 Manifestations of gall midge evolution in the genome of the Hessian fly Jeffery Stuart, Purdue University
10/297/2011 Unique drought signaling roles of uncharacterized protein phosphatase 2Cs in Arabidopsis Paul Verslues, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Taiwan
10/304/2011 Sequencing a gene-rich region in cereals: Problems and Prospects Perry Gustafson, USDA-ARS, Univ. of Missouri
11/311/2011 Lipidomics to identify the roles of lipids in plant stress responses Ruth Welti, Kansas State University
11/318/2011 Soybean genome duplications and deletions— what ever happened to stoichiometry? Joseph Polacco, University of Missouri
11/332/2011 Ecological genomics of species invasions: Adaptation, hybridization, and ecological tradeoffs in invading lineages Katrina Dlugosch, University of Arizona
12/339/2011 Role of oxalate oxidase in apoplastic ROS generation and root growth regulation under water deficit conditions Priyamvada Voothuluru, University of Missouri
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