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Seminars - 2012

1/23/2012 Soybean Knowledge Base (SoyKB): A Comprehensive Web Resource for Soybean Research Dong Xu, University of Missouri, Columbia
1/30/2012 Engineering enhanced biomass and biofuel production from microalgae Richard Sayre, Los Alamos National Lab
2/37/2012 New GM approaches for exploiting plant protection secondary metabolism for sustainable intensification of food production in traditionally high input and low input agriculture John Pickett, Rothamsted Research
2/44/2012 A systems approach to understanding C4 photosynthesis in the grasses Tom Brutnell, Danforth Plant Science Center
2/51/2012 Programmed cell death in plant defense and development: A role for sphingolipid metabolism/signaling? Julie Stone, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
2/58/2012 Seasonal Patterns of Functional Leaf Area and Photosynthetic Activity in a Temperate Deciduous Forest Steve Pallardy, University of Missouri, Columbia
3/65/2012 The efficiency of photosynthetic carbon metabolism: Adaptation to changing environmental conditions Asaph Cousins, Washington State University
3/72/2012 Roles for IBA-derived auxin in plant development Lucia Strader, Washington University, St. Louis
3/79/2012 Regulation of reproductive development in Arabidopsis Doris Wagner, University of Pennsylvania
4/93/2012 Root based solutions to increasing wheat productivity in dry environments Michelle Watt, CSIRO, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
4/94/2012 Improving genetic adaptation of common bean to drought stress in the tropics Idupulapati Rao, CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture)
4/95/2012 The Water and Food Connection Chancellor Brady Deaton/Prof. Bill Davies, University of Missouri/Lancaster University
4/100/2012 Interactions between butterflies and their host plants: from learning and host finding to plant nutrition and the evolution of cognition Emilie Snell-Rood, University of Minnesota
4/114/2012 The evolution of domesticated crop plants: From genomics to archaeology Michael Purugganan, New York University
4/121/2012 The role of RNAi machinery and small RNAs in Plant Immunity Hailing Jin, University of California, Riverside
8/233/2012 Physiological and proteomic approaches towards understanding the drought response of legume plants Esther Gonzales, Public University of Navarra
9/249/2012 Protein oxidation in plants Ian Max Moller, Aarhus University
9/254/2012 The Maize Diversity Project - Linking Phenotypes to Genotypes in Maize and Teosinte Sherry Flint-Garcia, USDA-ARS
9/261/2012 The Virginia Tech Beacon Project: An exercise in plant signaling Jan Miernyk, USDA-ARS/University of Missouri
9/268/2012 iPlant: Cyberinfrastructure for the life sciences Sheldon McKay, The iPlant Collaborative
10/275/2012 Witnessing the Birth of Biomass: Analysis of New Cell Wall Formation During Plant Cytokinesis Charles Anderson, Penn State University
10/282/2012 Studying Polyploidy and Gene Regulation with Comparative Genomics and Transcriptomics James Schnable, University of California, Berkeley
10/289/2012 Cell-type specificity of response to DNA damage Anne Britt, University of California, Davis
10/296/2012 Understanding the role of the Arabidopsis FRA1 kinesin in cell wall assembly Ram Dixit, Washington University in St Louis
10/303/2012 Molecular mechanisms of auxin biosynthesis and signal transduction Yunde Zhao, University of California, San Diego
11/310/2012 Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics of Soybean and Allies (Fabaceae:Phaseoleae) Ashley Egan, East Carolina University
11/317/2012 Evolutionary Genomics of Plant Mating System Evolution Stephen Wright, University of Toronto
11/331/2012 TBD Chad Niederhuth, University of Missouri
12/338/2012 Minding the gap—between guard cells Winslow Briggs, Carnegie Institution
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