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Seminars - 2014

1/27/2014 Polyploidy in the Relatives of Maize and Sorghum Elizabeth Kellogg, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
2/34/2014 Endosomes in Plant Development and Signaling Marisa Otegui, University of Wisconsin
2/35/2014 Mechanisms of Early Colonisation of the Root Tip by Bacteria Lionel Dupuy, James Hutton Institute
2/48/2014 Non-Legumes Respond to Rhizobial Nod Factors by Suppressing the Innate Immune Response Yan Liang, University of Missouri
2/55/2014 Regulation of Inflorescence Development in Maize Erik Vollbrecht, Iowa State University
3/62/2014 CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER - Plant-Insect Interactions: A Nutritional Perspective Spencer Behmer, Texas A&M
3/69/2014 Molecular Mechanism Linking Cell Enlargement to Wall Biosynthesis in Plants John Boyer, University of Missouri
3/76/2014 Hidden Hunger? Special Nutrient Needs of Plants Based on Their Structure and Metabolism Dale Blevins, University of Missouri
3/90/2014 Evolutionary Diversification of the Tyrosine and Phenylalanine Biosynthetic Pathways in Plants Hiroshi Maeda, University of Wisconsin
4/97/2014 Chemical Biology and Endomembrane Trafficking Natasha Raikhel, University of California, Riverside
4/111/2014 Membrane Recruitment for Plant Virus Replication and Movement Jean-Francois Laliberte, Institute Armand-Frappier Research Center (INRS)
4/118/2014 Next-Generation Platforms for Complex Trait Dissection in Crops Michael Gore, Cornell University
5/125/2014 Jasmonic Acid and Green Leaf Volatiles in Maize Development and Defense Against Insects and Pathogens Michael Kolomiets, Texas A&M
9/251/2014 Quantitative Perspectives in Gene Cloning, Genotype by Environment Interaction, and Germplasm Enhancement Jianming Yu, Iowa State University
9/265/2014 Plant-Insect Interactions: A Nutritional Perspective Spencer Behmer, Texas A&M
9/267/2014 Waterproofing Plants: Sensing, Signaling and Response Mechanisms Julia Bailey-Serres, University of California, Riverside
9/272/2014 Control, Deployment and Biosynthesis of a Unipolar Adhesin by the Plant Pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens Clay Fuqua, Indiana University
10/279/2014 Plant Polyphenols: Structural and Functional Diversity Ann Hagerman, Miami University of Ohio
10/286/2014 The Missouri Transect: Climate, Plants, and Community John Walker, University of Missouri
10/293/2014 Expression-Dependent Mechanisms Responsible for Identifying Transposable Elements and Triggering their Epigenetic Silencing Keith Slotkin, Ohio State University
10/300/2014 RASTA: Robust Adjustment of Sequence Tag Abundance in Next-Generation Sequencing Data Rebecca Doerge, Purdue University
11/307/2014 The Plant Hormone Auxin Promotes Pathogenesis of Pseudomonas syringae Barbara Kunkel, Washington University, St Louis
11/321/2014 Meiosis with Extra Chromosomes: The Evolution of Meiotic Stability in Polyploid Arabidopsis arenosa Kirsten Bomblies, Harvard University
12/335/2014 Phased Secondary siRNAs and Their Roles in Plants Blake Meyers, University of Delaware
12/344/2014 Mechanisms of Selective Gene Silencing in Plants Craig Pikaard, Indiana University
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