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Seminars - 2015

1/26/2015 Emerging Views of the Plant Cell Wall: Assessing Them in Regard to Matrix Polysaccharide Mutant and Transgenic Plant Phenotypes Debra Mohnen, University of Georgia
2/2/2015 What Do We Know About Phloem Translocation 85 Years After Publication of M√ľnch's Pressure Flow Hypothesis? Michael Knoblauch, Washington State University
2/11/2015 Exploiting Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM) for Sustainable Agriculture and Agroforestry in a Hotter, Drier World John Cushman, University of Nevada, Reno
2/17/2015 Dissecting the Genetic Regulation of Maize Leaf Architecture Sarah Hake, University of California, Berkeley
2/23/2015 Cytokinin Signaling in Plants: Two Components and More Joe Kieber, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
3/2/2015 Cell to Cell Movement of Organellar DNA in Plants Pal Maliga, Rutgers University
3/9/2015 Use It or Lose It: The origin and Fate of CO2 Respired by Leaves David Hanson, University of New Mexico
3/16/2015 The Plant Microbiome: Implications of the Ecosystem Within Sharon Doty, University of Washington
4/6/2015 CANCELLED Tom Juenger, University of Texas, Austin
4/13/2015 Regulatory Variation Controlling Sustainable Yield Improvements for Maize and Related Grasses Stephen Moose, University of Illinois
4/20/2015 Transforming Plant Breeding From an Art to an Engineering Discipline Bill Beavis, Iowa State University
4/27/2015 Joint MUII/IPG Seminar - Modeling Signal Transduction in Plants Reka Albert, Penn State University
5/6/2015 Exploring the Diverse Effects of Transposons on Chromatin and Gene Expression Nathan Springer, University of Minnesota
9/14/2015 Interdisciplinary approaches to examine the mechanisms of hemicellulose synthesis William York, University of Georgia
9/21/2015 Regulatory Networks Controlling Architectural Diversity in Cereals Andrea Eveland, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
9/28/2015 Repeated Evolution of Highland Adaptation in Maize during Post-Domestication Diffusion Matthew Hufford, Iowa State University
10/5/2015 Reconceptualizing Morphology: The Architecture of a Giant Single-Celled Alga and the Latent Shapes of Grapevine Leaves Dan Chitwood, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
10/12/2015 Stop and Go: Understanding the Dynamic Control of Growth in Roots Jose Dinneny, Carnegie Institution for Science
10/21/2015 Exploring Plant Physiology and Adaptation Using Genetic and Genomic Tools Tom Juenger, University of Texas, Austin
10/28/2015 Plant Sphingolipids: Homeostatic Regulation and Impact of Altered Composition on Plant Development and Performance Ed Cahoon, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
11/2/2015 Using networks to interpret genome-wide association studies in plants and yeast Chad Myers, University of Minnesota
11/9/2015 Dissecting the Disease Triangle: How Hosts, Microbes and the Environment Contribute to Disease Severity Rebecca Bart, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
11/16/2015 Exploiting oomycete genomes for fundamental insight and new approaches to disease control. John McDowell, Virginia Tech
11/30/2015 Natural Variation in Maize From Genome to Transcriptome to Phenome Candice Hirsch, University of Minnesota
12/7/2015 How secondary are secondary metabolites; from field fitness to regulatory signals? Daniel Kliebenstein, University of California, Davis
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