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Seminars - 2016

1/25/2016 "Applying Modern Breeding Approaches to Underutilized Crops and Proto-crops" Steve Cannon, USDA–ARS at Iowa State University
2/32/2016 "Phylloxera Galls on Grape Leaves are Developmentally Convergent on Flowers" Jack Schultz, University of Missouri
2/39/2016 "Niche Adaptations of Plants: Insights from Extremophyte Genomics" Maheshi Dassanayake, Louisiana State University
2/46/2016 "Plant Virus Effectors: Charting a Path Distinct from Effectors of Other Pathogen Groups?" Jim Schoelz, University of Missouri
2/53/2016 "Spatiotemporal Regulatory Networks in Plant Roots" Siobhan Brady, University of California, Davis
2/60/2016 "Plant Cell Plasticity and Regeneration" Ken Birnbaum, New York University
3/67/2016 "Genetic and Environmental Manipulation of High-Value Crop Traits" Kevin Folta, University of Florida
3/74/2016 "The Genetic Architecture of Maize Domestication: Low Hanging Fruit and Dark Matter" John Doebley, University of Wisconsin
3/81/2016 "Genome Heterogeneity in Wild and Cultivated Potato" Robin Buell, Michigan State University
4/95/2016 "Translating Amaizeing Plant Genomes" Doreen Ware, USDA-ARS at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
4/102/2016 "Inferring Pattern and Process of Emergence in Phytophthora Plant Pathogens" Niklaus Grunwald, USDA-ARS at Oregon State University
4/116/2016 "Out of the Nucleus and into your Cup: The Emerging Story of Coffee Ringspot Virus in Brazil" Michael Goodin, University of Kentucky
5/123/2016 "Cheaters and Saprophytic Competitors Antagonize the Persistence of a Cooperative Plant Pathogen" Tom Platt, Kansas State University
9/256/2016 Measuring Natural Selection with Genomic Methods John Kelly, University of Kansas
9/270/2016 Nitric Oxide and the Plant Antioxidant System: Implications for Crop Responses to Salinity and Drought Ndiko Ludidi, University of the Western Cape
10/277/2016 Cowpea Genetics and Breeding Timothy Close, University of California, Riverside
10/284/2016 Dynamic Precision Phenotyping Reveals Mechanisms of Crop Tolerance to Root Herbivory Richard Ferrieri, University of Missouri
10/298/2016 The regulation of leaf shape and why it matters! Neelima Sinha, University of California, Davis
11/312/2016 Towards Multidisciplinary Research in the Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory Marshall Keyster, University of the Western Cape
11/333/2016 Cytoskeleton and Membrane-Associated Mechanisms Involved in Plant Drought Acclimation Paul Verslues, Academia Sinica Taipei, Taiwan
12/340/2016 Maize Endosperm Cell Differentiation Requires the Minor Spliceosome Mark Settles, University of Florida
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