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Seminars - 2017

1/23/2017 The Evolution of Metabolic Diversity in Eukaryotes Jennifer Wisecaver, Vanderbilt University
2/6/2017 Utilizing Natural Variation for Crop Resilience in a Changing Climate Malia Gehan, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
2/20/2017 Cyberinfrastructure for Life Science Research Eric Lyons, University of Arizona
2/27/2017 Whole-Genome Duplication and Angiosperm Diversification Pam Soltis, University of Florida
3/6/2017 Dynamics, Mechanisms, and Evolution of a Highly Resilient Plant Immune Signaling Network Fumiaki Katagiri, University of Minnesota
3/13/2017 Integrating Biochemical Genomics and Quantitative Genetics to Balance the Nutritional Content of Plants Dean DellaPenna, Michigan State University
4/3/2017 Developmental Mechanisms Underlying Plant Transitions from Tropical to Temperate Regions Jill Preston, University of Vermont
4/17/2017 Mitochondrial Genomes and Mutation in Maize Kathy Newton
4/24/2017 Kernels of wisdom: Sugar transport, metabolism and sensing in maize development Karen Koch, University of Florida
5/1/2017 Stable isotopes, metabolomics and plants. ... and possibly some horses, a moose or maybe a giraffe Adrian Hegeman, University of Minnesota
9/11/2017 Evidence of a SERK1-SOBIR1 pathway regulating cell wall remodeling and pathogen response signaling during Arabidopsis floral abscission Isaiah Taylor, University of Missouri
9/18/2017 Exploring functional genomic landscapes of heat sensing and regulation in photosynthetic cells by using algal high-throughput and quantitative approaches Ru Zhang, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
9/25/2017 Unraveling the molecular mechanisms of plant clock and defense responses Jose Pruneda-Paz, University of California, San Diego
10/9/2017 Epigenetic Adaptation to Environment in Long Lived Trees Matteo Pellegrini, University of California, Los Angeles
10/16/2017 Functional genomics investigations of maize and sorghum endosperm development and protein quality David Holding, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
10/23/2017 Genomic and Phenotypic Diversity of Maize James Holland, USDA-ARS/North Carolina State University
10/30/2017 Harnessing the phytobiome to facilitate low-input, sustainable agriculture Kelly Craven, Noble Research Institute
11/6/2017 Microbiomes inside of microbes: exploring symbioses between fungi and facultative endohyphal bacteria David Baltrus, University of Arizona
11/13/2017 Auxin signaling in maize development: new insights from genetic and genomic approaches Andrea Gallavotti, Rutgers University
11/14/2017 Riding the ROS Wave: From Plant Signaling to Cancer Proliferation Ron Mittler, University of North Texas
12/4/2017 New protein complexes and signals linked to plant immune signaling Mary Beth Mudgett, Stanford University
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