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News - 2009

Drought experts present at InterDrought III: 10/293/2009
Drs. Robert Sharp, Henry Nguyen, and Mel Oliver presented invited talks at InterDrought III, the Third International Conference on Integrated Approaches to Improve Crop Production under Drought-Prone Conditions, held in Shanghai, China, from October 11-16, 2009.  

Gary Stacey appointed to head DOE committee: 10/293/2009
Gary Stacey was appointed chair of the Department of Energy's Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee (BERAC)

MU Researchers Create Drought Conditions to Unearth Solutions: 8/217/2009
New drought simulators will allow plant scientists at MU to conduct a broad range of drought-related translational research.

Native Plant Society Honors MU Graduate Student: 7/202/2009
NULLThe 2009 Stanton Hudson Memorial Award from the Missouri Native Plant Society was awarded to Erica Wheeler, an IPG doctoral student in the Division of Biological Sciences.

Computers Aid in Cracking Deception in Plants: 6/180/2009
IPG member Dmitry Korkin recently received a five-year, $613,000 CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation to apply his computational research to the study of molecular mimicry in an important plant pathogen, the soybean cyst nematode.

Too Much of a Good Thing: 5/149/2009
A plants immune system protects the plant from harmful pathogens. If the system overreacts to pathogens, it can stunt plant growth and reduce seed production. Now, University of Missouri researchers have identified important suppressors that negatively regulate the responses of the immune system in the plant species Arabidopsis thaliana.

MU Plant Biologists Reap Major Awards for Research: 4/100/2009
Three IPG faculty receive awards from American Society of Plant Biologists. Gretchen Hagen and Tom Guilfoyle were awarded the ASPB's Charles Reid Barnes Life Membership Award. Melvin Oliver was awarded the Fellow of the ASPB Award.

Passionate Geneticist, Teacher, and Encyclopaedist: 2/49/2009
Over the 50 years of his scientific career, George P. Rédei retained his passionate love of genetics and Arabidopsis, his favorite research tool, which found its way into the pantheon of genetic models with fully sequenced genomes after a period of neglect.

James Birchler Named a Prestigious Curators' Professorship: 2/48/2009
James A. Birchler, an IPG professor in biological sciences, has been awarded one of the University of Missouri's most prestigious appointments, a Curators' Professorship.

Green Plastics Could Help Reduce Carbon Footprint: 2/47/2009
More than 20 million tons of plastic are placed in U.S. landfills each year. Results from a new study conducted by IPG researcher Brian Mooney and Douglas Randall suggest that some of the largely petroleum-based plastic may soon be replaced by a nonpolluting, renewable plastic made from plants.

In Race to Predict Protein Structure, Computers Take Lead: 1/15/2009
Two MU computer science teams, led by IPG members Jianlin Cheng and Dong Xu, ranked among best in world in protein structure prediction at the CASP8 competition.