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The Interdisciplinary Plant Group (IPG) at the University of Missouri will host our 40th annual symposium on the topic of "Plant Hormones at the Intersection of Stress and Development".

Plant hormones play essential roles in development and regulate the interaction of plants with the environment. The focus of this symposium will be on understanding the roles of different hormones and their interactions in mediating the effects of abiotic and biotic stresses on plant development, to enable building resilient crops to meet future climatic challenges. Some examples include 1) involvement of auxin, ethylene, and abscisic acid (ABA) in altering root architecture in response to drought; 2) roles of auxin and ABA in signaling the effects of heat stress and drought on reproductive development and yield; 3) actions of ethylene and gibberellic acid (GA) in controlling stem elongation in response to flooding; and 4) interactions of brassinosteroids salicylic acid , and jasomonic acid in the tradeoff between growth and immunity during pathogen interactions. An optional “Hormones 101” workshop will be held on May 21st. Join us for many opportunities for early career scientists to learn about and discuss the myriad of interactions between stress and development that are controlled by plant hormones.

The symposium will be held at the Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center on the Columbia campus of the University of Missouri, USA, from May 21-24, 2024.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Eli Borrego – Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
  • Maheshi Dassanayake – Louisiana State University, USA
  • Mark Estelle – University of California, San Diego, USA
  • Saskia Hogenhout – John Innes Institute, UK
  • Abe Koo – University of Missouri, USA
  • Barbara Kunkel – Washington University, USA
  • Michaela Matthes – University of Bonn, Germany
  • Poonam Mehra – University of Nottingham, UK
  • David C. Nelson – University of California, Riverside, USA
  • Zachary Nimchuk – University of North Carolina, USA
  • Soyon Park – University of Missouri, USA
  • Brigitte Poppenberger – Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Pil-Joon Seo – Seoul National University, South Korea
  • Josh Strable – North Carolina State University, USA
  • Zhiyong Wang – Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford University, USA

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