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MU Plant Growth Facilities


The University of Missouri has several state-of-the-art facilities for plant research on campus including the new East Campus Plant Growth Facility. The East Campus Plant Growth Facility contains 22,880 sq. ft. of greenhouse space as well as 29 controlled environment growth chambers of varying sizes with capabilities to control temperature, humidity, light and carbon dioxide. Extended height greenhouses (21 ft) and growth chambers (12 ft) allow for the growth of taller crops used for food and bioenergy. Other resources in the facility include seed storage, sorting and drying areas as well as root washing capabilities. More information on the facility can be found here.

The Bond Life Sciences Center (LSC) and the Ernie and Lottie Sears Plant Growth facility also house greenhouses and growth chambers. The LSC has over 20 growth chambers and 8 greenhouse bays and the Sears facility contains 12 greenhouse bays and over 20 growth chambers.

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sears facility

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