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Jaime Barros-Rios

Jaime Barros-Rios

Assistant Professor
Division of Plant Science and Technology

E-mail: jaime (dot) barros (at) missouri (dot) edu

The Barros laboratory conducts fundamental research and applied biotechnology to offer solutions to address global challenges such as food security, climate change, and sustainable production of energy and commodity chemicals.

Work in our laboratory pursues three broad goals:

  1. To improve food and feed crops for stress tolerance, forage quality, and CO2 sequestration.
  2. To develop bioenergy crops for sustainable production of fuels, chemicals, and bioproducts.
  3. To generate trees with improved properties for paper pulp production.

Our primary focus centers on understanding plant cell wall metabolic processes and, more specifically, the biosynthesis of lignin and related phenolic compounds. Lignin (from Latin lignum: wood) is a heterogeneous aromatic polymer produced in plant cell walls and the second most abundant biopolymer in nature. It constitutes up to 40% of the dry weight of plants and provides mechanical support, facilitates the transport of water and nutrients through the vascular system, and plays a crucial role in plant responses to environmental stresses. As a major component of plants, and due to its inherent chemical properties, lignin is an attractive source for conversion into renewable energy and a target for CO2 storage and sequestration. Work in our laboratory centers on the genetic manipulation of lignin in plant cell walls. Our research group uses Arabidopsis, Brachypodium, maize, and poplar as model systems for gene discovery and validation, and seeks to translate this knowledge into plant breeding, genetic engineering, and synthetic biology programs. We see plant biochemistry, genetics, and biotechnology as key disciplines to speed up the transition from a fossil-based economy to a more sustainable post-petroleum world.


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  • Awards
    • 2022 Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation Ramon y Cajal Early Career Award
    • 2019 Center for Bioenergy Innovation Early Career Award (US Department of Energy)
    • 2016 Conference Travel Award (University of North Texas)
    • 2015 Spanish National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow Award
    • 2012 Barrie Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow Award
    • 2012 PhD Cum Laude Merit Award, University of Vigo, Spain
    • 2009, 2010, 2011 Spanish National Science Foundation Travel Awards
    • 2007 Spanish National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellow Award

  • Service
    • 2022 Advisory Board Member - Heliyon Biology (Cell Press)
    • 2022 Associate Editor - Frontiers in Plant Science
    • 2019-2021 President of the UNT-Postdoctoral Association
    • 2017-2020 Evaluator of the UNT Annual Research Day Symposium
    • 2016-17 Dissemination activities with minorities (Outreach NSF project)
    • 2008-12 “Exper-i-Ciencia Program” participant and organizer
    • Verified peer reviewer (+60): Trends in chemistry (IF=14.03), The Plant Cell (IF=9.618), New Phytologist (IF=8.512), Plant Physiology (IF=6.902),Communications Biology (IF=6.268), Plant Cell & Environment (IF=6.173), The Plant Journal (IF=6.141), Biomass and Bioenergy (IF=5.061), Planta (IF=3.347), PLoS One (IF=2.740), Journal of Experimental Botany (IF=5.908), Biotechnology for Biofuels (IF=5.473), Frontiers in Plant Science (IF=4.407), Tree Physiology (IF=4.196), Physiologia Plantarum (IF=4.100), Plant Molecular Biology (IF=4.065), BMC Plant Biology (IF=3.830), Biomass and Bioenergy (IF=3.740), Plant Methods (IF=3.430), G3: Genes, Genomes and Genetics (IF=2.781), Phytochemistry (IF=2.547), PeerJ (IF=2.380) y JoVE (IF=1.325), among others.
    • Ad hoc grant reviewer: Spanish National Science Foundation, Swiss National Science Foundation.


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(* papers submitted as corresponding author)


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