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Trupti Joshi

Trupti Joshi

Director of Translational Bioinformatics/Assistant Professor/Core Faculty MU Informatics Institute
Medical Research Office/Department of Health Management and Informatics (HMI)/Department of Health Management and Informatics

E-mail: joshitr at missouri dot edu
Office address: 271B Life Sciences Center/NW500 Medical Science Building
Office phone: 573-884-3528/573-884-5963

My labs research interests are in the areas of bioinformatics and its direct application to biology and medical fields. We have developed many computational tools and methodologies for faster and efficient high-throughput biological data analyses and systems biology research in plants sciences, health informatics and biomedical research areas. Currently, we are actively working on:

  • Soybean Knowledge Base (SoyKB): We have developed Soybean Knowledge Base (SoyKB), a comprehensive all-inclusive web resource for bridging soybean translational genomics and molecular breeding. Many genome-scale data are available in soybean including genomic sequence, transcriptomics (microarray, RNA-seq), proteomics and metabolomics datasets, together with growing knowledge of soybean in gene, microRNAs, pathways, and phenotypes. This represents rich and resourceful information which can provide valuable insights, if mined in an innovative and integrative manner and thus, the need for informatics resources to achieve that. SoyKB can be publicly accessed at

    SoyKB handles the management and integration of soybean genomics and multi-omics data along with gene function annotations, biological pathway and trait information. It has many useful tools including Affymetrix probeID search, gene family search, multiple gene/metabolite analysis, motif prediction tool, protein 3D structure viewer and download/upload capacity for experimental data and annotations. It has a user-friendly web interface together with genome browser and pathway viewer, which display data in an intuitive manner to the soybean researchers, breeders and consumers. It also provides new innovative tools for soybean breeding including a graphical chromosome visualizer targeted towards ease of navigation for breeders. SoyKB also has many new data analysis and visualization tools for RNA-seq and proteomics expression datasets including heatmaps, scatter plots and hierarchical clustering. It also provides new suite of tools for differential expression analysis of omics datasets. Various new types of data including DNA methylation, fast neutron mutations, phosphorylation, genotype by sequencing (GBS) data for molecular breeding and phenotypic inferences have also been incorporated.

    SoyKB is powered by the iPlant Cyber-Infrastructure. The website is hosted on the iPlant's advanced computing infrastructure established to leverage and support the data analysis capabilities and analysis pipeline functionalities being developed in SoyKB. We are also working on expanding the SoyKB infrastructure to KBCommons to collaborate with researchers working on other plants and agriculturally important species such as maize, grapes etc. to be able to setup similar systems for the organisms of their interest.

  • Next generation resequencing data analysis for SNP identification and trait discovery: With the advances in next generation sequencing (NGS) technology and significant reduction in sequencing costs it is now possible to sequence large sets of crop germplasm and generate whole genome scale structural variations and genotypic data. In depth bioinformatics analysis of the genotypic data can provide better understanding of the links with the observed phenotypic changes. This approach can be used to further understand and study different traits for the improvement of crops by design.

    We have conducted resequencing of 300+ soybean germplasm lines in collaboration with Dr. Nguyen's lab, selected for major traits including oil, protein, soybean cyst nematode resistance (SCN), abiotic stress resistance (drought, heat and salt) and root system architecture. We have developed a bioinformatics analysis pipeline using high performance computing infrastructure and workflows on IPlant and TACC resources and identifying SNPs, insertions, and deletions by comparisons against the soybean reference genome, Williams 82 using GATK. We are also performing in depth trait discovery analysis using downstream analysis pipelines to identify copy number variations, structural variations, SNP effects and genotype to phenotype predictions for understanding the SNPs significant for phenotypic changes.

Other research areas of interest for the lab include:
  • Multi-Omics data integration methods for integration of rna-seq transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics data in soybean and maize.
  • Gene function prediction and pathway modeling using high-throughput omics data.
  • Next generation sequencing data analysis in plants and mammals for understanding relationships between methylation and rna-seq expression.
  • Mirna and Transcription factor identification in Glycine max.
  • Data mining and analysis of multi-omics based biological networks.

We have several ongoing collaborations with researchers and labs from Computer Science, Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences and Clinicians, involving research in the plant genomics, health informatics and biomedical fields.


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  • Member of International Society for Computational Biology
  • Paper Reviewer for ISMB (2005)
  • Paper Reviewer CSB (2005)
  • Paper Reviewer RECOMB 2013 Conferences


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