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Abraham J. Koo

Abraham Koo

Associate Professor
Department of Biochemisty

E-mail: kooaj at missouri dot edu
Office address: 127 Schweitzer Hall
Office phone: 573-882-9227

Plant Physiology Journal cover, article chart and article diagram collage of images.Our lab’s research involves the study of small signaling molecules that cells use to detect extracellular stimuli and to coordinate intra- and intercellular responses. To compensate for their lack of mobility, plant cells rely heavily on chemical cues to interact with their surroundings—one reason why plants are so rich in pharmaceuticals and provide attractive models for studying chemically mediated cell signaling. We use highly sensitive and selective mass-spectrometry-based methodologies to capture and to monitor plants’ chemical messengers, which often exist in trace amounts. Using powerful analytical tools combined with the rich genetic and genomic resources available for the model plant Arabidopsis has allowed us to identify new players in defense signaling cascades within a plant’s immune response against insects and fungal pathogens. Recently, our focus has been to describe mechanisms that control optimal levels of plant hormone jasmonates (JAs). JAs are a group of oxylipins produced by the oxidative metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids, analogous to eicosanoids in animals. Similar to eicosanoids, JAs play an important role in mechanical stress-induced responses and plant immunity. Thus, knowledge obtained from this research has implications for use in applied agronomy as well as for the advancement of foundational science in the area of cross-kingdom, conserved chemical cell signaling. In addition, because JAs have been reported to have anti-cancerous effects on certain tumor cells and are master regulators of secondary metabolites in plants, many of which are antioxidants beneficial to humans, the study of JAs will contribute to overall human health.


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