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Perry Gustafson

Perry Gustafson

Adjunct Professor
Division of Plant Science and Technology

E-mail: Perry.Gustafson at
Office address: 208 Curtis Hall
Office phone: 573-882-7318

Research is being conducted toward a better understanding of the genetic mechanisms controlling the introduction and expression of genes in wheat and rice using genetic, cytogenetic and molecular approaches.

Specific approaches include:

  1. Establishing procedures for obtaining new and useful plant material through the manipulation of wild x cultivated species crosses;
  2. Studying the processes of the origin and evolution of grass species and their relatives, and the manipulation of these species for gene transfer, recombination, and other modifications to a useful parental genotype;
  3. Studying the control of wild-species gene expression when placed into a cultivated germ_plasm background;
  4. Using hypervariable mini_satellite DNA fingerprinting to establish genome-specific sequences for use in marker mediated breeding and evolutionary studies involving polyploids; and
  5. Using in situ hybridization techniques to physically map low-copy and unique DNA sequences to sites on plant chromosomes.

DNA fingerprint pattern


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  • Elected Einstein Professor of the Chinese Academy of Science (2007).

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