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Sharp Lab Invited to Share Drought Expertise

Bob Sharp

Robert (Bob) Sharp, Professor in the Division of Plant Sciences, and his postdoctoral fellow Mineo Yamaguchi have been invited to share their expertise on root growth during drought conditions at a number of national and international conferences this fall.

Mineo Yamaguchi has been invited to give a talk at the Gordon Conference on "Salt and Water Stress in Plants", which will be held in Montana in September. The title of his talk is "Proteomic analysis reveals region-specific regulation of phenylpropanoid metabolism in the growth zone of water-stressed soybean primary roots." This research is a joint project between the Sharp and Nguyen labs, and also involves collaboration with Oliver Yu at the Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis.

Sharp has been invited to talk about root growth maintenance under water deficits at the symposium "Plant Energy and Water Productivity: From Genes to Environment" in Canberra, Australia, this September. He has also been invited to present on the same topic at the American Society of Agronomy annual meeting as part of a symposium on drought resistance and water-use efficiency. The meeting will be held in Houston, Texas, in October. Following the ASA meeting, Sharp will spend a week at China Agricultural University in Beijing, China, where he will give several lectures as part of a workshop on root function in maize sponsored by the "Program of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities."

The drought work of Professors Sharp and Henry Nguyen were recently cited in a Science (11 April 2008) News Focus titled "Getting to the Root of Drought Responses."