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Seminars - 2010

1/25/2010 Candidates as suspects:  Delivering more nutritious soybeans after molecular genetic detective work Kristin Bilyeu, USDA-ARS, University of Missouri
2/32/2010 Transposon driven and derived genome evolution in the grasses Jeffrey Bennetzen, University of Georgia
2/39/2010 Diverse maize and teosinte for genetic dissection of agronomic traits Sherry Flint-Garcia, USDA-ARS, University of Missouri
2/46/2010 I have an AP for that!: The role of aminopeptidase M1 in root meristem maintenance Wendy Peer, Purdue University
2/53/2010 Integrity of the plant Golgi Federica Brandizzi, Michigan State University
3/60/2010 Designing plant traits with synthetic signal transduction and computer re-designed proteins June Medford, Colorado State University
3/81/2010 Broadening resistance of plants to nematodes using biotechnology Benjamin Matthews, USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD
4/95/2010 The autoimmune model snc1: a sneaky tool for finding signaling components in R protein-mediated resistance Xin Li, University of British Columbia
4/109/2010 Using cell biology to uncover roles for peroxisomal proteases in Arabidopsis and understand gene function in transgenic crops Matthew Lingard, Monsanto
5/123/2010 Root Growth at Low Water Potentials: Complexity and Coordination of Cellular Responses Robert Sharp, University of Missouri
9/256/2010 The Center for Agroforestry: From Genes to Landscape and Beyond Dr. Shibu Jose, MU
9/263/2010 Quantitative Proteomics of Maize Hybrids Exhibiting Different Levels of Heterosis Dr. Brian Mooney, MU
9/270/2010 What Can Genetics Tell Us About the History of Plant Domestication? Dr. Michael Clegg, Univ. California
10/277/2010 The Importance of Being Dephosphorylated: Analysis of Protein Phosphatase 2A Functions Dr. Alison DeLong, Brown Univ.
10/284/2010 Applications of Bio/Nano Technology Dr. Shubhra Gangopadhyay, MU
10/291/2010 Development of Biofuels Crops: Where Politics Meet Plant Biology Dr. Ismail Dweikat, Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln
10/298/2010 Traffic and Signaling Control Organ Abscission in Arabidopsis Dr. Sarah Liljegren, UNC
11/305/2010 Structure, Function, and Application of Phototropin Receptor Kinases Dr. John Christie, Univ. of Glasgow
11/312/2010 Network Biology Approaches Toward Understanding Guard Cell Function Dr. Sally Assmann, Penn State Univ.
11/319/2010 Unearthing the Molecular Libraries of the Sterol Metabolome Dr. David Nes, Texas Tech
11/333/2010 Adventures in Genetics: The Plant Innate Immune System Gassmann Lab, MU
12/340/2010 Drought Stress Response and Resistance in Plants Dr. Andy Pereira, Virginia Bioinformatics Inst.
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