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Seminars - 2013

1/28/2013 Plant Immune Signaling, Components, Connections, and Calmodulin Jane Glazebrook, University of Minnesota
2/35/2013 Adding the time axis to phenotype descriptions through automated image analysis Edgar Spalding, University of Wisconsin
2/42/2013 Functions of Arabidopsis MPK3/MPK6 cascade: from defense to growth and development Shuqun Zhang, University of Missouri
2/49/2013 Shedding some light on phototropin signaling in Arabidopsis Diane Roberts, University of Missouri
2/56/2013 Comparative genomics and the evolution of gene regulatory mechanisms Richard Jorgensen, University of Arizona
3/63/2013 Regulation of lipid metabolism in microalgae Christoph Benning, Michigan State University
3/70/2013 TBA Bertrand Hirel, INRA
3/77/2013 Evolutionary genetics of maize adaptation to high altitude Jeff Ross-Ibarra, USDA
4/91/2013 Tomato fruit diversity and functional analyses of the underlying genes Esther van der Knaap, The Ohio State University
4/98/2013 Biochemical and Genetic Evidence Suggests That Centromeric Retrotransposons Drive Centromere Positioning Gernot Presting, University of Hawaii
4/99/2013 Food and thriving people: Paradigm shifts for fair and sustainable food systems Geoff Tansey
4/112/2013 Closing in on the missing steps in flavin metabolism Sanja Roje, Washington State University
4/119/2013 Soil Microbes as Drivers of Plant Community Dynamics Jim Bever, Indiana University
9/252/2013 Comparative Genomics and the Evolution of Gene Regulatory Mechanisms Richard Jorgensen, Carnegie Institution for Science
9/259/2013 JAZ Repressor Proteins Control Jasmonate Signaling John Browse, Washington State University
9/266/2013 What Happens When Different Genomes Meet: The Influence of RNA on the Epigenome of Interspecific Hybrids David Baulcombe, University of Cambridge
9/269/2013 Understanding and Engineering Salinity Tolerance in Cereals Mark Tester, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
9/273/2013 Extracellular DNA in Plant Defense: A New Target for Disease Control? Martha Hawes, University of Arizona
10/280/2013 Stress and Pain – And Plants Claimed to Address These Conditions Bill Folk, University of Missouri
10/287/2013 ABA Signaling Networks in Arabidopsis Seeds and Seedlings Ruth Finkelstein, University of California, Santa Barbara
10/294/2013 Exploring the Complexity of Drought and Dehydration Tolerance in C4 Grasses Mel Oliver, USDA-ARS/University of Missouri
10/301/2013 How Chlamydomonas Gets Fat: The Basics of Biodiesel Biology Ursula Goodenough, Washington University, St. Louis
11/308/2013 Manipulating the Plant Genome to Increase Susceptibility to Agrobacterium-mediated Genetic Transformation Stanton Gelvin, Purdue University
11/315/2013 Investigating Plant Immune Signaling in Response to Bacterial Pathogens Gitta Coaker, University of California, Davis
11/322/2013 TBA Jeffrey Bennetzen, University of Georgia
12/336/2013 Image-based Phenotyping Technologies for Understanding Root Development Christopher Topp, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
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