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Seminars - 2018

1/22/2018 Drought tolerance across diverse species: new frontiers from cells to ecosystems Lawren Sack, University of California, Los Angeles
1/31/2018 Coordinating the overall stomatal response of plants: Rapid leaf-to-leaf communication during light stress Ron Mittler, University of North Texas
2/43/2018 Controlling pollination: mechanisms, patterns and applications Bruce McClure, University of Missouri
2/50/2018 Soybeans for Good: Research for development in the Soybean Innovation Lab Kristen Bilyeu, USDA
2/57/2018 Mutant analysis reveals a surprising connection between RNA-Directed DNA methylation, microRNA function and plant morphology in maize Damon Lisch, Purdue University
3/71/2018 Molecular Mechanisms that Regulate the Arabidopsis Primary Root Response to Low Phosphate Luis Herrera-Estrella, Cinvestav, Mexico
3/78/2018 Root Biology Research for Developing Country Agriculture: Engineering Crops for Acid Soils Leon Kochian, University of Saskatchewan
4/92/2018 Quantification of the Genomic Contribution towards Food and Energy-related Crop Traits Alexander Lipka, University of Illinois
4/106/2018 Biological Sciences/Plant Sciences Seminar Lawren Sack, University of California, Los Angeles
4/120/2018 PLK1, a receptor-like kinase, links lateral cell polarity with root tissue patterning Jaimie Van Norman, University of California, Riverside
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